BriteSoft is a software organisation that focuses on a holistic, end-to-end Wholesale Business Management solution for the Telecom industry. This includes the process of trading of minutes, routing and monitoring of traffic, billing and settlement, invoicing, reconciliation, dispute management, roaming, content partner management and all other aspects that form a holistic, convergent billing and optimisation suite.

BriteConnect - Interconnect Billing

With the wealth of industry experience in interconnection as well as the zero programming paradigm of BriteWorks, BriteSoft has introduced the next generation Interconnect Billing System called BriteConnect.

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BriteAccount - Interconnect Accounting

BriteAccount is a highly generic accounting and invoicing system that automatically generates financial transactions, manages disputes, payments, collections and provides a whole series of reports on the balance of trade and customer accounting.

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BriteRecon - Interconnect Reconciliation

BriteRecon is one of the modules being in BriteOptimizer and it is tightly integrated with BriteAccount and BriteConnect. Typically, operators exchange invoices and if there are discrepancies which cannot be resolved at the surface level, detailed reconciliation would be used.

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BriteTrader - Trading of International Traffic

BriteTrader helps telecoms operators to trade more effectively in the carrier wholesale market. Through a comprehensive set of tools for buyers, sellers and their managers, BriteTrader will help them improve their businesses operating margins.

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BriteRouter - Optimal Routing of Traffic

BriteRouter is a comprehensive application that automates the process of optimal cost routing. This process is sometimes referred to as Least Cost Routing (LCR), however, this is a misnomer as cost is not the only factor in routing a call; quality and other criteria are also considered.

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BriteMonitor - QoS Network Monitoring

BriteMonitor deals with all successful and unsuccessful CDRs so that it can derive the efficiency of the network and present the anomalies to the users. The efficiency is in terms of Quality of Service and the anomalies are in relation to quality metrics or KPI’s set up by the organisation.

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At the heart of BriteOptimizer, there are a number of processes that run in the background and form a substantial part of the system. Although these processes run in the background, their status and results can be viewed by users in the online web based system. The objective of BriteOperations is to provide control and insight into all such processes, in particular those revolving around CDR Processing.

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BriteOptimizer has been developed using BriteSoft’s award winning development platform known as BriteWorks. It provides a completely codeless approach to developing highly efficient, high quality software in a highly accelerated timeframes.

Uncertainty around how the wholesale business will evolve means BSS systems must have an ability to grow and flex in order to future-proof an operator’s business. With BriteWorks any functionality gaps that exist today or in the future can be quickly plugged by BriteSoft to ensure the system stays relevant at all times. This is why BriteOptimizer is an off-the-shelf product but from a customer’s perspective it feels like a bespoke solution.

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