BriteAccount – Interconnect Invoicing & Accounting

BriteAccount is an interconnect accounting and invoicing system that automatically generates financial transactions, manages disputes, payments, collections and provides a whole series of reports on the balance of trade and customer accounting. It is a powerful medium that can be used to integrate products and services from disparate systems and business into one invoice.

BriteAccount is tightly integrated with BriteConnect to handle all accounting aspect and is much more flexible with has many more business rules than the average accounting system. The following is a pictorial representation of how BriteAccount can fit into your business:

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  • Handles A to Z of Interconnect Accounting
  • Integrated or can import summaries
  • Unified or Separate Invoices for Products
  • Allows Multiple Invoice Formats & Rules
  • Format & Rules According to Customers
  • Usage & Non-usage charges (ad-hoc, recurring)
  • Allows Generic Transactions & Rules
  • Allocates All Transactions to Accounts
  • Handles Dispute Management
  • Management Dashboard
  • Interfaces to Your General Ledger


  • Import/Export, Interfaces
  • Customer Accounts, Profiles etc.
  • Financial Transactions, Rules, Posting Codes
  • Invoices Sent/Received, Payment/Collections
  • Summary Position, Financial Dashboard
  • Partner Access and Communications
  • Settlement
  • Disputes Management
  • Reports
  • Security, Auditing
  • Import / Export


  • PDF and Excel Invoice
  • Email options
  • Portal options for Carriers to login
  • Facilitates early settlement and improves cash flow
  • Helps maintain control and complete the interconnect business process chain
  • Reduces risk of errors
  • Saves time in invoicing and reconciliation
  • Reduces Excel based reporting, centralizes data
  • Eliminates duplication of data entry

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