BriteRoam – International Roaming Settlement

BriteRoam is made up of various components such as Validation, Rating, Summarisation, Reference Data Management, Portal, Accounting, Invoicing etc., as well as a specific set of features which are unique to Roaming.

In brief, many of the filtering and formatting aspects of BriteRoam are typically taken care of by a mediation device. The entry to BriteRaom ensures that Roaming EDRs are validated, rated and summarised for drill down, billing purposes and dashboard purposes. Any errors are highlighted and made available for analysis and the rating aspects are supported by sophisticated profile and agreement management through easy-to-use web reference data management.

The system accepts TAP In files and generate TAP Out and RAP Out files as well as NRTRDE and HUR data for fraud detection purposes. At the tail end of the system, the summarised data is used for invoicing and financial transaction generation which would eventually feed into Great Plains. Invoices are provided to PLMNs through a sophisticated Portal, where disputes can be raised and discussed with the other operators.

BriteRoam Flow Diagram

The following depicts the high level data and process flow of BriteRoam:

Looking at the Roaming angle from both perspectives, i.e. from Operator and the PLMN, a more detailed representation of the activities is as follows:

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