BriteRouter – Optimization of Traffic / Profitability

BriteRouter is a comprehensive application that automates the process of optimal cost routing. This process is sometimes referred to as Least Cost Routing (LCR), however, this is a misnomer as cost is not the only factor in routing a call; quality and other criteria are also considered.

The objective of BriteRouter is to increase Carrier profitability by reducing costs through the selection of optimal routes that reflect lower cast and higher quality.

BriteRouter provides a high level of automation that allows business personnel to carry out their duties through effective use of technology. Its processes help take Carriers from the point of negotiation to the point of switch implementation by facilitating decision making and removing the bottlenecks that prevent Carriers from maximising their profits.

The BriteTrader and BriteRouter processes combined provide the end to end business process by allowing the trading (buying and selling) of minutes in the international market. Then, an environment is created where all this data can be analysed and synchronised with downstream systems and eventually an optimal route (cost, quality and volume commitments considered) generated. The final step is the automatic generation of MML (Man Machine Language) to update the switches with the new

BriteRouter Business Imperatives

In today’s telecommunications environment, it is almost inconceivable for a Carrier not perform some sort of Least Cost or Optimal Cost Routing. The process may be manual in many countries and Carrier, however, the frequency of rate changes is making it almost impossible to maintain the manual process. Carriers are therefore examining the ultimate level of their maturity curve, where they are maximising their profits through optimising their processes and adopting cost controls.

Ideally, BriteTrader and BriteRouter would be used as part of the same implementation, however, it is possible that a Carrier may have an existing trading solution. The diagram below shows how BriteRouter fits into the overall business process, where the trading aspects have been separated as an external system.

The Interconnect Impact

Interconnect forms a Carrier’s largest operating cost and second largest source of revenue, after the retail business. As long as Carriers can manage these costs, which are primarily for call transit and termination charges, then the Carrier stands a good chance of maximising profits.

As the outbound costs are reduced, the Carrier can then offer inbound traffic better rates and thus maximise use of its network. The more this process (BriteTrader and BriteRouter) is optimised, the better the reputation of the Carrier and therefore the more traffic it will attract.

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