BriteTrader – Business Routing Intelligence

BriteTrader helps telecoms operators to trade more effectively in the carrier wholesale market. Through a comprehensive set of tools for buyers, sellers and their managers, BriteTrader will help them improve their businesses operating margins using the
following functions:

BriteTrader’s Buyer module helps an operator negotiate better agreement with foreign carriers. BriteTrader’s Seller module helps an operator set prices to their customers based on routing in their network and manage actual customer pricing agreements. BriteTrader’s Manager module provides information about how well an operator is trading and uses objective measures to monitor progress.

With the new economic drive of the new millennium, BriteSoft’s objective is to help carriers maximise their profits through two basic principles; increasing revenues and reducing costs. Though this seems an obvious business practice, it is astounding how many operators neglect to delve into the detailed aspects of these two areas.

BriteTrader looks at Carrier revenues and costs using the following business principles:

  • Intelligent Trading
  •  Informed Negotiation with other Carriers
  • Smart international traffic agreements
  • Effective Pricing of Incoming Traffic
  • Aids Optimal Routing by bridging the gap between Least Cost Routing and Interconnect Settlement.


BriteTrader is an innovative and state-of-the-art software product, designed to produce more efficient trading and routing of traffic for fixed, mobile, cable telephony with IP and GPRS compatibility.

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