Telecom Solutions & Products

Telecom Solutions

BriteSoft’s extensive domain expertise in the Telecom sector as well as its vast experience in application development means that we can commit to extremely tight deadlines and ensure Operators can realise business benefits from our solutions. Within the Telecom space, BriteSoft’s experiences include the following areas:

  • Interconnection
  • Billing, Accounting and Reconciliation
  • Trading of International Traffic / Minutes
  • Optimal Routing
  • Quality of Service Monitoring
  • Roaming
  • Automatic Reconciliation


The core technical team within BriteSoft have architected, managed, designed, developed and implemented interconnect systems for Texas Instruments, i2i (Inception to Implementation), Intec Telecom Systems and BriteSoft. These collectively represent the largest interconnect market share and their products are installed in over 300 operators worldwide. Some of these implementations include Digicel, DiGi, British Telecom, Cellnet, Metropolitan Fibre Systems, COLT, Telekom Malaysia, TeleWest, NYNEX, Energis, France Telecom, DST Brunei, Telkomsel, Indosat, Telecom Italia, Swisscom etc.

Telecom Products

Although in the past, single monolithic solutions seemed to pose a different set of challenges, in this scenario, integration is paramount to the effective management of Wholesale processes. Conversely, it is important to be able to distinguish between modules and deploy each independently. This means the Wholesale suite must be comprised of multiple, distinct yet integrated modules, distinguishable by site parameters and user profiles.

BriteSoft’s offering is called BriteOptimizer and consists of the following modules:

  • BriteConnect – Interconnect Billing & Reconciliation
  • BriteAccount – Invoicing, Accounting, Collections, Dispute Management etc.
  • BriteTrader – Trading of International Traffic
  • BriteRouter – Routing Optimisation
  • BriteMonitor – QoS Network Monitoring
  • BriteRoam – International Roaming, TAP/RAP/etc. processing
  • BriteRecon – Automatic Reconciliation
  • BriteOperations – CDR Processing


BriteWorks is what is used to build and enhance the BriteOptimizer suite of products. These products can be implemented as a comprehensive integrated suite or individually implemented and integrated with existing systems.


The BriteOptimizer solution has been developed using a BriteSoft built and maintained award winning development platform known as BriteWorks. BriteWorks is actively used today by several independent software development companies. It provides a completely codeless approach to developing highly efficient, high quality software in a very short timescale.

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