At the heart of BriteOptimizer there are a number of processes that run in the background and form a substantial part of the system. These included processes such as Rating (CDR Processing), Rate Sheet Processing, Routing, Invoicing etc. Although these processes run in the background, their status and results can be viewed by users in the online web based system. The objective of BriteOperations is to provide control and insight into all such processes, in particular those revolving around CDR Processing.

BriteOperations Landing Page

Although not a product by itself, BriteOperations is significant enough that it has an icon in the Products section of the BriteOptimizer Banner. Its objective is to show all the operational aspects of the system, such as CDR processing, Rate Sheet imports, Routing etc. The Landing Page shows statistics of all processing for any period of time by highlighting metrics such as total errors, total successful records, ratio, speed of processing etc.

BriteOperations Components

The menu on the right depicts the various functions that are available in BriteOperations. Each menu item and its screen are discussed in the following sections.

Error Management

Error Summary

An Error Summary screen shows the total errors in the system at a glance. This allows the user to ‘drill’ down into the errors which are most revenue yielding or which have the highest number of CDRs in error. This way, if the Billing cycle is near and there is a rush to fix errors, users can quickly decide which errors to reprocess in minimal time in order to maximize their revenues.

Error Details

This is one of the most comprehensive and regularly used screens in BriteOperations. It is the place where users view CDR specific errors, correct them and recycle them.  Various features such as marking by filters, flowing to the appropriate screens to fix data and recycling by user or for all users are provided to facilitate fixing of CDR errors.

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